Mark Saunders is a UK session musician and has been touring the world and winning awards as a member of the critically acclaimed British band Florence and the Machine.

Mark Saunders is a UK session musician and a member of the British band Florence and the Machine. He has worked with many other artists including Snowboy, Natasha Bedingfield, Boudica, and Dan Cohen.

Mark started playing at an early age while living and studying in Bangkok, Thailand. He returned to the UK to study jazz at the Middlesex University London, and became an active player in London and throughout the South East.

In early 2009, he became a member of Florence and the Machine and embarked on a 2-year world tour to promote the number 1 hit album “Lungs”. The band has been met with critical acclaim around the world and recently won the coveted Best British Album award at the 2010 Brit Awards.

“The name Markbass popped up a few times in conversation with other bass players I know, and it was quite obvious that it was thought of with particularly high regard,” Mark recalls. “So I arranged to demo some gear, and was instantly pleased with the outcome. There was no messing about? I just plugged in and there it was. I think my favourite thing about Markbass is that my instruments sound like they are supposed to, no colouring, just a true representation of how they are meant to be! That coupled with the fact that I can travel the world with my chosen amp in my hand luggage.”

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