Mauricio Nader was born in Santiago, Chile. 
He studied in "Modern School of Music", and also with teachers like Christian GálvezGustavo RuizSebastián Rehbein and Carlos Saunier
He comes form the Rock and Metal world in which is part of the chilean bands HidalgoClaudio Cordero TríoAlejandro Silva Power Cuarteto, and some others. He has recorded ten studio albums, a live DVD and tour inside and outside Chile, among them two tours made with Six Magics in Europe (2010). He has also served as a teacher for over fifteen years and done master classes in Santiago and other regions of Chile.

For over seven years, and parallel to his band projects, Mauricio has work in the transcription, recording and live performance of classical and Latin-American folk musical pieces a long with his own solo pieces compositions; all for solo six-strings electric bass. 
This work is presented without accompanying musicians or backing tracks, in order to help locate the electric bass as a solo instrument concert. 
In 2015, release his first solo album titled "Solo Pieces for Electric Bass" and has touring Chile with over 40 gigs to promote this work.

"I have been using my Markbass gear in every solo and rock/metal concert since 2014," – says Mauricio – "and a lot of people asked me: 'Why you sound is so clear and perfect? You never sounded like this before'… and I explain to all that my Little Mark III does all the work for me, using almost no effects and pedals. I know for a fact that Markbass products reveals the bass sound itself, and it is the tone I need for my solo concerts, as well as my rock/metal gigs. And it is very comfortable to carry it on tour".

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