A Senegalese bassist and singer living in Finland, Ndioba has performed with a wide range of artists and is now launching his career as a solo artist.

Ndioba is a Senegalese bass player and singer based in Helsinki, Finland. He has played with many artists in genres ranging from jazz and pop to rock and blues, funk, hiphop, salsa and world music. The nickname "Ndiobass” says much about his depth as a bass player. 

After playing in Senegal with the Youssou N’dour National Tour warm up band the Taballa group, Ndioba stayed in Paris to study music and play in clubs. In 1992, top Finnish guitarist Hasse Walli brought Ndioba to Finland. With the Hasse Walli Band, they toured around Europe and West Africa, and produced several albums. Two songs written by Ndioba, "Bamba" and "Thipatou," hit the Finnish and European charts. 

Other collaborations in Finland have included Sakari Kukko (the father of world fusion in the country) Aika Kone, Sami Saari, Jimmy Lowson, Aki Sirkesalo, Tino Sing, Greg Overton, Jason Carter, Zero Drama, and Irina, to name few.

In 2004, Ndioba performed with Italian sax player Gugielmo Pagnozzi’s intercultural music and peace project, Gaiamama. The premiere in Lithuania at the Klaipeda Jazz Festival in June 2006 almost made Ndioba a national hero in the country. A live DVD of his performance was produced by the Klaipeda Jazz Festival Association. 

Since 2008, Ndioba has been touring in Russia with a singer called Cemile, and has also played with Toni Mommrel (Incognito), Freddy Moffett (Beyon C), Kiala and Udoh (from Fela Kuti’s band), Raul Vaigla, Villu Veski, and Tiit Kikas from Estonia. Ndioba returned to Paris in 2009 to do an album project with his childhood friend from Senegal Diogal Sakho, and the same year he toured with another talented singer from Senegal, Yoro Ndiaye

Ndioba’s talents are not limited to music; in 2010 he played a role in an Estonian movie called "Kormoranid," directed by well-known movie directors Rain Tolk and Andres Maimik. 

Recently, Ndioba has decided to embark on a solo career as a composer, arranger, lead singer and bass player for his own compositions. His debut album will be released in December, 2011. 

"After many years of searching and trying many different amps,” says Ndioba, "I finally found my dream sound in Markbass, and the most amazing thing for me is that you can get a really warm, punchy and powerful sound!"

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