Nick Cohen is a top UK session bassist and songwriter, whose credits include Eurythmics, Roy Ayers, Massive Attack, M-People, Matt Bianco and Ive Mendes.

Nick Cohen grew up in London and has been playing professionally for about 15 years. In terms of the names he has been associated with, the list speaks for itself and covers a wide range of genres: He’s played jazz with Jean Toussaint (ex-Jazz Messengers), Jason Rebello and Blue Note recording artist Orphy Robinson. He has funked alongside Roy Ayers, Weldon Irvine and Don Blackman. He has played Brasilian music with likes of Jon Lucien and Da Lata, and in total contrast, but with equal aplomb, he has toured with major pop acts like Massive Attack and M-People.

However, Nick isn’t just a session side-man. He has always been involved in various projects. He has a long-term association with guitarist Tony Remy and has consistently featured on recordings on his label (Alltone Records) and in his live bands. Furthermore, Nick was involved in a label project with another partner, and for 6 years they successfully ran a small independent, Smugg Records, releasing 12" singles and albums across Europe.

Nick’s current projects include a reggae band Orijahnal Outernational with whom he is working towards a UK tour, funded by the Arts Council, for the autumn of 2006. He is also writing with Brasilian guitarist/vocalist Gustavo Marques on an album project which will be released in Japan next year.

Most recently, Nick toured with pop legends Eurythmics to promote their Ultimate Collection album appearing on major TV shows in the UK, Europe and the US. This was followed by a Japanese Blue Note tour with Matt Bianco in February. Throughout the summer he will be performing with Brasilian singer Ive Mendes for whom he is the Musical Director. Tour dates will take them to Poland, Portugal, Spain and France.

“I love bass," says Nick. "Markbass delivers the sound that should come out of a bass rig, and always with absolute clarity, even at loud volumes. Markbass gives me so much bottom end, it’s the only amp I’ve used where I sometimes need to turn the bass EQ down!”

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