I started playing in 1965 and in the course of my playing career over 6 decades, I have had the opportunity to use most of the brand name amplification on the market.
My first experience using Markbass was as supplied backline at an outdoor  gig for the City of Toronto in 2006.  I was immediately sold with the ease of achieving a good bass sound without effort.  Upon returning home, I sidelined my boutique rig and began using a Markbass LMK, 104HR and a Markbass Chorus/Flanger.  Since I double on electric and upright, the two channels allowed instant switching of preamps.  I have never found a stage that this combination could not handle.
I recently acquired a Little Mark 250 Black Line for rehearsal and plan on adding a  Traveler 102P.  I’m currently winding down the festival season with three bands, Maggie’s  Farm, a 60’s pop group, Matchstick Mike and the Chain Smokin’ Alter Boys, roots blues, and the Downtown Blues Band, an 11 piece R and B band.
The Markbass rig takes all of these gigs and musical styles in stride with a buttery low end and musical, piano-like highs.  I am based in Fredericton , New Brunswick.

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