Riccardo Oliva is an Italian bass player fascinated by fusion, funk and jazz music.

He started playing bass at 8 and after a very few years he started collaborating with some local musicians, thanks to his talent that brought him to reach a very good level pretty quickly.

Today he’s considered one of the most interesting bass players in Italy, but he’s also starting to perform internationally as well.

At the moment he’s part of the band Kawa Nanuk and he recorded the neo soul album Yoshi with them.

He also plays with the funk fusion band Snips, featuring young guitar talent Matteo Mancuso and Salvatore Lima on drums, and they have an intense national and international live activity.

“The first time I tried a Markbass amp I discovered a new amazing tone and it was exactly what I was dreaming” —says Riccardo—“Definition and body of Markbass tone are simply great. Playing a Markbass amp is an amazing emotion!”



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