Sarah Walker is a professional bassist from Newcastle, UK.
She was introduced to bass at a very early age due to her father David Walker and has held that passion ever since.

She has grown a large following via social media at the time of the pandemic posting videos of her playing bass. This has now progressed into a musical journey in which she began touring with the UK No.1 Jamiroquai Tribute band ‘Space Cowboy’
She then went on to tour Los Angeles and San Diego for Wonderfront Festival.

Currently she is playing bass throughout Europe with Après Ski Band ‘Pink Miami’ to then head back over to California to tour there again at the end of the winter season.

“Markbass have such a unique, warm and rich tone I have struggled to replicate anywhere else, their equipment is innovative and 200 gigs later my MB58R 4×10 and Little Mark 58R head is the same as the day it arrived. —says Sarah— The lows have a fabulous punch and the highs can cut through crystal clear. I am so humbled and grateful to be involved in such a wholesome, inspiring family.'”

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