Stanley has been Peter Frampton’s bassist since 1975, and has also worked with Tommy Bolin, Warren Zevon, Lou Gramm and many others.

Stanley Sheldon’s professional career spans four decades. Beginning in the early 70s he was a founding member of early fusion guitar master Tommy Bolin’s band “Energy.”  During this early period Energy was based in Colorado and was able to hire themselves out as sidemen for the great blues masters that needed players when touring in the area.  This led to short touring stints with John Lee Hooker, Albert King, and Chuck Berry and many others. Stanley worked with Tommy from 1971 until his death in 1976, most notably on his solo project “Teaser” (1976) alongside Michael “Narada” Walden, Jan Hammer, Jeff Porcaro and Dave Sanborn.

Before Bolin’s untimely death in 1976, Stanley began to work in Peter Frampton’s touring band (1975), and played on the wildly successful “Frampton Comes Alive” (1976) album. Later records with Peter include: “I’m in You” (1977), “Where I Should Be” (1979), and the Grammy-winning “Fingerprints” (2006).

Stanley also toured with Warren Zevon on the “Excitable Boy” tour of 1978/79. The touring band consisted of Zevon, Stanley, Waddy Wachtel, Michael Landau and Rick Marotta.  Rick, Waddy, Stanley and Dan Dugmore (guitar and pedal steel) later formed a new band, “Ronin,” which was subsequently signed by Polygram, recorded one album, and toured for a short period before disbanding.

During the 80s, Stanley’s most notable recording work was with Lou Gramm (of Foreigner) on his “Ready or Not” solo project (1986).  This record spawned the hit “Midnight Blue.”

During the 90s Stanley stepped away from touring and began a Master’s program at the University of Kansas, focusing on slave society in the Caribbean and its contribution to world music: blues, jazz, salsa, samba, and other important genres. These studies involved travel and study in Cuba, Brazil, and other Latin American countries. 

Stanley is currently travelling the world on the “Frampton Comes Alive 35th Anniversary” tour.

"Ever since I began using the new Markbass system,” Stanley says, “I have come to appreciate the crisp and immediate response the compact power amp and custom cabinets provide;   When I play with my fingers the tone is fat and round, with a warmth that I think the bass should always have; but when I slap it cuts through clean and bright."  

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