Musician, bass guitarist and arranger, music teacher and lecturer at the SMS Cesano Boscone, Tonino De Sensi was born in Toronto (Canada). He began playing guitar at age 14 at the age of 24 he graduated from the University of Bologna (Italy) and currently lives in Milan. Tonino is a lover of all the artistic forms music expresses, but specializes in Jazz with guitarist and composer Gigi Cifarelli, who is recognized by critics as the best Italian jazz guitarist.

Some of the more important music festivals in which he has participated in his career of over 25 years:
– 2nd and 4th "Patrimonio Corsica France – La nuit de la guitarre"
– Premiere of the St. Laurant du Var Blues Festival
– Nice Festival of Blues
– The Premiere Marseille Festival of Blues
– "Festival de la guitarre" Issoudan
– Toulouse Festival of Blues
– 8th Astaffort "Festival de la guitare"
– "Jazz and Thirst" three festivals 1998/99 – 2006,
– Jazz Music Days dedicated to "Nicolas Economou" of Cyprus 1999,
– "Festival of Jazz", and "Latin Jazz" in the cities of Milan, Rome, Sondrio, Varese, Pavia, Palermo, Licata, with the Italian RAI television in "Umbria Jazz", The Premiere Festival "Jazz and Wind" in Calabria….

Tonino has played in the most prestigious Jazz Clubs of Italy: Blue Note, Capolinea (Terminus), Tangram, Scimmie (Monkeys), La Sosta, etc. .. of France Ahja di Ajaccio, Le Jam de Montpellier; Switzerland: Le Chat Noir (Geneva);Belgium: The music village (Brussels)…

Some of the major Italian and foreign musicians with whom he has played: Gigi Cifarelli, Andrea Valentini , Niccolo' Fragile, Antonio Farao', Stefano Di Battista, Emanuele Cisi, Giovanni Giorgi, Pepe Ragonese, Pancho Ragonese, Patrizio Fariselli,Gendrikson Mena, Michael Rosen, Bruno Marrazzo, Pietro Condorelli, Bruno Castellucci, Paolo Loveri, Walter Lupi, Aida Cooper, Ronnies Jones, Carl Anderson, Angela Baggi, Roberto Caimi, Viviane Cruz, B.Lagrene, S.Luc, C.Escoude', P.Catherine, D.Brown, P.Jeffry, B.Allison, L.Martinez,…
Among the most important records on which he has played: With the Eyes of a child – Gigi Cifarelli; Live at Le Scimmie Milano – Gigi Cifarelli, Ronnie Jones, Aida Cooper: We love U – The Thrust; Les petits hommes bleus- Greg Solinas; Coracao Brasileno – Viviane & Caimi; Bird to Jaco – F.Suppa; Time Passing – Dom Scuteri….
As arranger: Un singulier pluriel – D.Solinas; Scusate il ritardo – F.Suppa; which garnered compliments from the masters G. Gaslini and P. Fresu. For some years Tonino has written for the most important Italian guitar and bass guitar magazine Guitar Club, publishing numerous education based articles.

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