Vicio is the bass player of the band Subsonica. With them he has earned three platinum discs and two MTV Music Awards as Best Italian Act.

Vicio (Luca Vicini) is the bassplayer of the Turin band Subsonica, which earned three platinum discs (Microchip Emozionale – 2000, Amorematico – 2002, Terrestre – 2005) and two MTV Music Awards as Best Italian Act (2000 and 2002).

He is one of the first Markbass endorsers, from when the brand was born, and he found in Markbass the dub-sound he always searched for for years.
“For more than 10 years Markbass has guaranteed to me a fantastic combination of clean power and sound, ” says Vicio, “with the ton of low-end that a band like Subsonica needs! All made easy by a UNIC transport lightness!”

Vicio is also an artistic producer and author. The artists/projects he has written and produced for includes: Bloom 06, Yavanna, Zuli, Antonella Ruggero, movie soundtrack for A/R Andata e Ritorno (Marco Ponti), and Assemblea Teatro.

“The Markbass Super Synth pedal solved my problem to emulate during the live concert  the tracks played in studio with electronic instruments: it is a sheer synth!”













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