Vladimir Samaradzic is a bass guitar player, composer, and educator from Serbia who is regarded as one of the most versatile bassists in his country and the region of Ex-Yugoslavia (Serbia, Croatia, Montenegro, Bosnia and Hercegovina, Macedonia and Slovenia). He has collaborated with many great musicians, composers, and vocalists from this region but also with some internationally acclaimed artists including Luis Bonilla, Karlheinz Miklin, John Riley, Marko Djordjevic, Bojan Zulfikapashic, Thana Alexa, Felipe Salles, Mokhtar Samba, David Rhodes and Teodosi Spasov.

Vladimir was born in 1970 in Novi Sad, Serbia. His first close encounter with a bass guitar took place when he was 19 only to result in becoming one of the greatest self-taught bass guitar players in the territory of Serbia and beyond. In 1993 he became a member of the Radio Novi Sad Big Band Orchestra and started cooperating with Vasil Hadzimanov (jazz pianist and composer). In the period between 1994 and 1997 Vladimir recorded and performed with the legendary rock band SMAK led by the guitar guru, Radomir Mihajlovic Točak ('Bioskop Fox' CD). Upon enrolling and being awarded scholarship at Berklee College of Music in 1997, he graduated in 1999 Summa Cum Laude and won the rewards for an Outstanding Achievement from Berklee Bass Department (1997) and BMG Jazz Award (1998).

During his studies in the States, he worked with Bryan Oliver funk band, Latin ensemble Papa Loves Mambo,  collaborated with fellow students and sax players  Jaleel Shaw and Walter Smith III, Romanian pan-flute player Damian Draghici, Berklee alumni drummer Marko Djordjevic (SVETI) but also with Berklee professors – a vibist, Dave Samuels and percussionist, Jamey Haddad.
Upon graduating from Berklee, Vladimir came back to Serbia (2000) and continued playing with Vasil Hadzimanov as a full-time member of Balkan jazz fusion Vasil Hadžimanov Band (4 albums) until 2010. Apart form taking part in many jazz festivals all over Serbia, Ex–Yugoslav region and Europe, he also performed at "World Expo 2005" Balkan Bridge project in Nagoya (Japan) with Vasil Hadzimanov Band.

As a member of Balkanopolis band (Balkan ethnic project 2002-2005) led by the singer and multi instrumentalist, Slobodan Trkulja (1 album), Vladimir took part in many European World Music festivals and performed at North Sea Jazz Festival 2002.
Being able to collaborate as a studio musician and member of backing bands for some famous regional pop singers and composers (Vlado Georgiev, Željko Samardžić, Jelena Tomašević) Vladimir has often performed at some of the biggest indoor concerts and sports halls in region, as well as many outdoor open summer events with attendance up to 20.000 fans.
As for his collaboration with orchestras, the list comprises the following: Mambo Stars (Latin Big Band), Belgrade Philharmonic Orchestra, Novi Sad Big Band and Vojvodina Simphonic Orchestra.

As a composer and arranger he has led several projects: Pannonia Project (jazz quintet, 'The Bridge' CD, 2010), Soularity and VS Fortet.

Since his return from the United States he has been active as a private instructor, and music workshops lecturer for bass guitar, music theory, and ensemble. Among others, he took part at International Music Workshops in Opatija (Croatia) 'ExTempore' (2006, 2012) in Novi Sad, 'Pannonian Bridge' (2007, 2008) and Summer Jazz School in Grožnjan 2018 (Croatia). 

"I will never forget the moment I first used Markbass amp head and cabinet."—said Vladimir—"That was on December 21 2006 in Novo Mesto, Slovenia where I performed with Vasil Hadžimanov Band. The sound of my bass guitar at the soundcheck was suddenly so clear and rich with fast response at the same time that I thought I had a different instrument in my hands. I couldn't believe what I was hearing. I was also blown away by its lightness and simple, user-friendly and effective commands. In  2007 in January, I obtained my first Little Mark II amp head and 102 Traveler cabinet. Since then, 'love relationship' between me and Markbass has been enriched with 121 New York cabinet and recently with the Little Marcus 800 amp head. Regardless of whether I am in a studio, at the rehearsal, in a small club, at the music festival or at the big stage in front of thousands of people, Markbass amp set up always gives me what I need, and that is clear and natural sound of my bass guitar with enough power and simple handling.


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