Markbass Custom Footswitch Dual

Markbass Custom Footswitch Dual

Product code: MBA195039Y

Markbass Custom Footswitch Dual can be used for controlling channel switching and EQ bypass on Markbass Big Bang head, MoMark heads that feature the M2VLFM master module, the Studio Pre and other discontinued Markbass heads that include a footswitch input  as the TA 501, TA 503 and LMK. The  Custom versions feature sturdy metal construction.

For the Big Bang Head one button on the Dual Footswitch controls the mute function (allowing you to tune silently), and the other activates the filters section, for TA 501 and TA 503 heads, one button  controls the mute function and the other activates EQ bypass.

The same pedal, used with an LMK, gives you an on/off switch for each channel of the amp.

On the Studio Pre one bypasses the Amp Channel, the other switches the Pure Parametric Filter in the Clean Channel on and off.



Product Discontinued

No specifications available at the moment

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