Product code: MBA120010Y

The MB INSTRUMENT PRE P delivers limitless EQ and tone shaping control at your fingertips and  empowers you to tailor your sound to perfection, with a wide range of wiring and application options. It can be configured to operate at either 9V or 18V, and has extraordinarily long battery life as a result of its remarkably low power consumption. 
It was created after intensive testing, built with the finest components available. We packaged all our know-how into an ultra-compact circuit choosing the right frequencies for the faithful sound reproduction even at extreme settings without diminishing your tone across the entire frequency range.
The MB INSTRUMENT PRE P version also includes the same pre-wired controls and accessories featured on our Markbass instruments - including six potentiometers, a polyester capacitor, a 9V battery connector and an output jack - simplifying the electronic customisation of your bass.




> Pre-wired electronics
Our MB INSTRUMENT PRE P is bundled with the same additional controls and wiring that are featured on our Markbass instruments.  The VOLUME / VOLUME / TONE control pots are clearly the best choice to manage two pickup configurations, and the push/pull TONE control pot lets players quickly move from Jaco or Motown voicing to more modern and open tones - even when switched to passive mode. When in active mode, the BASS / MIDDLE / HIGH control pots on the 3-band EQ section augment the character of your instrument adding modern, rich responses when boosting or cutting your selected frequencies delivering a balanced and defined tone even at extreme settings.

> Active/Passive mode
Changes in the volume level when switching from Active to Passive and back again are almost imperceptible - a unique feature of the exceptional circuitry inside which all musicians will appreciate.

> Ultra-compact size
The MB INSTRUMENT PRE is remarkably compact, allowing it to fit easily into the control cavities of most instruments.

> Optimal sound reproduction
Our preamp consistently delivers an authentic reproduction of your sound - even at extreme settings, without sacrificing the tone details of your instrument across the entire frequency range.

> 9v or 18v, low power consumption
The MB INSTRUMENT PRE can operate on either 9V or 18V (Using either 1 or two 9V batteries).  Due to its lower power consumption - about 700uA in a 9V configuration - the preamp offers exceptionally long battery life.

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